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What is the nicest way of breaking up?

  1. Slowly spend less time with him/her. Make yourself busy and encourage your SO to do fun stuff too with separate friends. Gradually hang out less. Act decently happy about your new alone time. Have such a good time “finding yourself” in new stuff that you become more complex and incompatible for the things he/she likes to do or act.
  2. About a month in, plan to meet up somewhere and upon arrival look happy/stressed/tired from working hard. Say that you’ve been stressed and that a lot is on your mind. say you’ve been thinking about “the relationship” a lot lately. Bring up a goal of hers/his that could grow if they had more time/location flexibility. Then talk about how you’re at a place in your life where you want to be single to pursue more flexibility with new interests. Tell her/him that you have had a lot of fun being super close, but you are just too different as unique individuals to be this committed. Say something nice about their personality and how so many other people look up to them for being a cool person.

Don’t point out specific things that your SO does wrong in a judgmental or accusatory way.

Make it about “the relationship” as a third-party entity. Whatever you don’t like about your SO, just make it seem like something good as a part of them, yet is incompatible with your own personality.

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